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What is Botox?

'Botox' or Botulinum A toxin is used to improve the appearance of forehead lines and other so-called dynamic wrinkles. To inactivate these wrinkles, the injections are placed very accurately into the local muscles. After treatment, the overlying skin becomes smoother and unwrinkled while untreated facial muscles contract normally, allowing facial expression to be unaffected.

The inactivation of frown lines for the upper face has been a treatment option for dynamic wrinkles for over a decade, and these injections have been safely and effectively used for over a twenty years for nerve and eye disorders. Thousands of theses injections are performed each year for a variety of conditions ranging from squints to twisting of the neck with painful muscle spasms. This product was first shown to be beneficial for dynamic wrinkles by neurologists and ophthalmolgists treating other conditions.

How is a Botox treatment performed?

A very small amount is injected using a very fine needle into the selected areas of the face, usually around the forehead and eyes. Because the needle is so fine and the amount of fluid used so small, the discomfort associated with the procedure is minimal. Many people say the sensation is similar to an insect bite. A topical local anaesthetic can be applied twenty minutes before the procedure. Afterwards you may notice a slight temporary bruising of the skin at the injection site. You will be able to drive and carry on with your normal daily activities.

Are there any side-effects from Botox?

The treatment can sometimes cause excessive weakness of the muscles which have been injected and those near-by. This can result in a transient drooping of the eye-lids or asymmetry of facial expression. However, this is completely reversible and will resolve within days or weeks.

What kind of results should I expect?

If dynamic wrinkles are making you look older than you would like, inactivation of the frown lines can smooth these out giving you a more youthful appearance. However, this procedure may only partially improve the more common "static" wrinkles that are unrelated to facial muscle contraction. If you have a combination of the two, your improvement may be limited. Because of this, either a combination of frown lines or secondary filling of the frown lines with a dermal filler may be more appropriate for you.

Are there other limits to inactivation of frown lines?

The treatment is not permanent and the injections last three to four months, so you will need top up treatment. Early results from clinical trials suggest the duration increases with time, but this varies from person to person. Inactivation of frown lines may be less effective for people in their sixties and seventies due to increased muscle laxity.

Instructions after Botox treatment

The treatment takes two to seven days to take effect.

* It is important to remain upright for four to six hours after the injections to minimise any spread of the product.
* You will also have to actively move the treated muscles several times an hour for a total of four hours after the treatment
* Take no exercise for the first four to six hours
* The onset of action may coincide with a headache
* Following treatment you will be given an aftercare advice sheet
* If there is no apparent relaxation of the treated muscles after a fortnight please give us a ring.

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